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Cherokee Dreams Pomeranians Bill Of Sale/Contract

This Bill of Sale/Contract states that a  _____________________  Pomeranian puppy/dog was purchased by __________________, and was purchased on ____________ in the amount of ________. This Pomeranian puppy/dog is guaranteed healthy at the time of sale and is current on all shots and wormings. Purchaser has 48 hours from the time of sale in which to have their Pomeranian puppy/dog checked by a licensed vet. If it proves otherwise with a written document from the vet, I will replace your Pomeranian puppy/dog for one of the same quality, and gender when one becomes available. If the Pomeranian puppy/dog should subsequently recover you also have the option to take back the original one when it is healthy again. WE DO NOT REIMBURSE for any medical expenses which you decide to undertake yourself. In order to receive a replacement of your Pomeranian puppy/dog, the original must be returned to us at your charge.

Any subsequent health problems are the Purchaser's responsibility, as puppies are especially susceptible to stress and illness. Let your new Pomeranian puppy/dog rest often in a warm, quiet area with plenty of food and water for a couple of weeks to help him/her adjust to his/her new surroundings. Don't forget to add lots of love and attention these are the key ingredients to a happy and heathy Pomeranian puppy/dog.

We do provide a one-year guarantee from the date of whelp, which was ______________, on puppies only for life threatening genetic defects. In this case we will replace your Pomeranian puppy/dog for one of the same quality, and gender when one becomes available, as in the case of initial health problems stated above. This situation would also require documentation from a licensed vet.

If for any reason, during the course of this Pomeranian puppy's/dog's life, you can not keep him/her please call us and we will take him/her back. There are many reasons this can happen, and we will assist on finding a suitable home for him/her. Although we can not refund for the purchase price, we will do our best to ensure your companion does NOT end up in a shelter or an unsuitable home.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or write and remember,

Name: _______________________________

Address: ______________________________

Phone: _______________________________

Purchaser's Signature


Mary Ann Schleyhahn

Cherokee Dreams Pomeranians